Geostrategic location

Airport accessibility

Road networks - Centre of Benelux.

Ultra-modern equipment

Freight area : 12,000m² of buildings dedicated to freight, 4,200m² of which for the storage of perishable goods and 8,100m² for general cargo. The total annual capacity of the freight area is 120,000 tons of cargo. We have 5 refrigerated storage areas continuously monitored by computer and maintained at temperatures between 2°c and 12°c; a pallet handling system; pallet pit equipment; rooms dedicated to hazardous, radioactive, or valuable goods; and X-Ray system. Addresses of runway assistance: IATA / XCRAPXH (ops) and XCRFFXH (freight). Our lifting capacity is 16 tons.

Characteristics of the runway

• Length of the runway : 3,860 metres; Direction E-W 10/28
• ILS Cat III in QFU10
• ILS Cat I in QFU 28
• Plane parking stand: 10 stands for jumbo jets. Codes E and F.

SSLIA : Airport fire brigade

• Fire safety service on site 24/7 to ensure the protection of people and assets. Fire protection of the platform: Level 7 published on NOTAM and Level 9 after 7 days notice.


The oil company TOTAL is available to answer all questions you might have about fuelling up. Furthermore, Airport can answer all questions about fuelling, except those relative to the contractualization of so-called "public" tariffs. Tariffs shall be determined according to agreements and contracts that may exist between TOTAL and your company.

Skyline Maintenance

Part 145 Maintenance Company - Paris-Vatry Airport (XCR) - FR 145.0696.

Our competences

Sensitive goods – Controlled temperature cargo – Live animal -
Humanitarian – Our specialities (extra-large cargo/ oil equipment / military equipment/ etc.)

Sensitive goods

General Cargo

Controlled temperature cargo

Live animals


Extra-large cargo

We have all handling tools necessary to load extra-large cargo deemed
to be over dimensional limits.

We have a lifting capacity of 16 tons and access to more upon request via our partners.

We can supply lifting equipment such as cranes, roller beds, and bridge plates. Furthermore, our teams are flexible and we can meet urgent requirements.

Our tariffs

Public and private tariffs
  • Public
  • Airport service charge
  • Landing fees, runway lighting fees
  • Parking stand fees
  • (Cf : the attached document)
  • More info
  • Private
  • For any tariff request
  • Contact



Rue Louis Blériot,
51320 Bussy-Lettrée.
The operations :


03 26 64 82 30
Freight Office :


03 26 64 82 25
Cargo Manager : Yoann Maugran


03 26 64 82 61

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